Altair® Monarch® Server


Application Settings

Use the Application Settings page to set your application default preferences. To access this page, on the Navigation Tree, click System Settings, select System Preferences, and click the Application Settings tab at the top of the page.

You can specify the following settings:

E-mail Settings

  • Connection Type: Select either HTTP or HTTPS from the list.

  • Admin Host and Port: Specify the name of the Monarch Server Admin Host and Port.

  • Administrator E-mail Address: Specify the ES administrator's e-mail address.

  • Notification Sender: Specify the e-mail address to appear in the From field of notification messages.

  • E-mail Server User: Specify the user name that is used for connection to the e-mail server.

  • E-mail Server Password: Specify the password that is used for connection to the e-mail server.

Note: If no credentials are required on customers email system, then E-mail Server User and E-mail Server Password fields can be disabled by selecting the Not Required check box.

  • E-mail Server Host: Specify the name of the e-mail server used.

  • E-mail Server Port: Specify the port of the e-mail server.

  • Use SMTPS: Select this check box if you want to use SMTPS.

  • Whitelist of recipient domains (e.g., “,”): Specify the approved email domains.

  • Use whitelist of recipient domains: Select this check box if you want to use the whitelist of recipient domains.

  • Test Email: Click the button to test email settings.

  • Send notification to system administrators before license expiration: Selecting this check box will notify system administrators with defined email addresses that the instance license expires in N days (as determined by the Show alert before license expiration setting in the System Preferences tab). The notification will be sent once per day.

NOTE: A notification email will only be sent if the SMTP and email settings are correct (i.e., the email test is OK). This check box is disabled by default.

Security Settings

  • Permission Control

    • Do not include Global option on Rights tab: A new “All Users Group” will be created automatically. This new user group will include all existing users.

NOTE: Rights may be lost if the “All Users Group” is deleted.

      • Only allow Automator Users to assign Rights to other users in their User Groups

    • Include Global option on Rights tabs, for assignment of permissions to all users

      • Automatically assign Global rights on new objects saved in the Server Library: Global rights are automatically assigned to new objects only in the Server Library. They will not apply for processes

    • Allow manual path selection: Select this check box to make Local and Named Paths available everywhere. If the check box is not selected, the Local is hidden, and only Named Paths are available everywhere.

  • Login attempts limit on Administrator: Specify the maximum number of attempts to log in using the wrong user name or password, on MSAdmin.


  • Save: Saves application settings.

  • Clear: Clears all the boxes.

  • Cancel: Cancels the operation.