Altair® Monarch® Server


Using the Naming Macros

The following naming macros are available:

Macro Symbol Result

Year (4 digit)


4-digit year (for example, 2007)

Year (2 digit)


2-digit year (for example, 07)






Adds the day to the file name as a two digit numeral, for example, 09 for the ninth Day












1-digit quarter of the calendar year: 1 for dates in January: March, 2 for dates in April: June, 3 for dates in July: September, 4 for dates in October: December.

Day of Year


3-digit day of the year in range 001-366.

ISO Year


4-digit year corresponding to the ISO-8601 week in which the date falls.

ISO Week


2-digit week of the year (range 01-53) as defined in ISO-8601. Note that it's possible for a date in late December to actually fall in week 01 of the following year. Likewise, it's possible for a date in early January to fall in the last week (52 or 53) of the previous year.

ISO Day of Week


1-digit day of the week as defined in ISO-8601, namely, Monday=1, Tuesday=2, Wednesday=3, ... Sunday=7.

Date Format

&[date.<date increment>.<output format>]

Subtracted date; <date increment> could be -1d, +1d, -1m, +1m, -1y, +1y, and <output format> could be yyyyMMdd, yyyy-MM-dd, etc. The output format is case-sensitive. For a full list of supported format specifiers, click here.

Input file


Input file name

Task name


Filing task name

Document type


Document type name