Altair® Monarch® Server


Using the Calendar

When completing input information requirements of some pages you are required to define the date. To access the Calendar window, click the clip0005 icon next to a date field, or click the date field itself.

The Calendar window appears on your screen:


The left arrow navigates to the previous month, and the right arrow navigates to the next month.

To set a date

  • Select a month on the Calendar using arrows and then select the date.

  • Select one of the following predefined relative date values from the Dynamic Date list: Yesterday, End of Last Week, Start of This Quarter and so on.

  • Set a date as a number of days ago. Enter the corresponding value in the box and click Days Ago.

  • You can also use the following buttons, placed next to a date field:

    • To decrease the date by one day, click .

    • To enter the current date, click today.

    •  To increase the date by one day, click day-.