Altair® Monarch® Server


Offline Processes

Offline processes are used to schedule and run offline tasks. When an offline process runs, it executes all offline tasks that are assigned to it.

All offline processes used in the system are listed on the Offline Processes page. To display the Offline Processes page, click Content System on the Navigation Tree, then click Document Retrieval and select Offline Processes.

The list shows

  • Process name

  • Run Now (click clip0039 to run the process immediately)

  • Suspend status

  • Last started date and time

  • Last finished date and time

  • Next execution date and time of the current process

Use the Offline Processes page to add, edit, or remove an offline process from the list.

You can also:

  • Suspend all processes, by clicking the Suspend button below the list.

  • Resume all processes, by clicking the Resume button below the list.

  • Run a process immediately, by clicking the clip0039 icon next to its name.