Altair Monarch Server


Hardware Requirements


q  Recommended: Multi-core or multi-processor Intel Xeon 2 GHz w/ 2 MB cache (or better)


q  Recommended: 16 GB RAM or greater

Network Adapter:

q  Recommended: Ethernet 100 Mbps or higher (Gigabit recommended)

Hard drive:

q  Recommended: 100 GB or more (depending on processing requirements, report sizes, number of active concurrent users, mining types). Disk performance has a significant influence on application scalability and viewing response.





q  Additional disk space may be required if leveraging Monarch Classic-based processes. The requirement depends on the number of concurrent processes and the data volumes being processed by each and the subsequent configuration of the SDK Database. Altair Support can assist with identifying the space considerations in such instances.

q  Monarch Server is a distributed application. Typically, better functionality is obtained by deploying 1+ servers as opposed to increasing the resource of a single server. A single server environment has no provision for failover, has high availability, and has limits with regard to performance optimization.



q  Recommended: Screen resolution of 1920 1080 (or 1366 768 for wide screens)