Altair® Monarch® Server


Repairing a Damaged Installation

The Repair function of the Installation Wizard repeats the last installation to replace the missing or damaged files of the Monarch Server System. Use this option if you accidentally deleted some Monarch Server System files or if the Monarch Server System became unworkable due to damaged files.



The Repair function removes all changes you made in property files or registry settings. Therefore, before beginning a repair, backup all property files and registry keys first.


Warning: Do not try to work with the system registry if you are unfamiliar with it. Incorrect actions can make your system unusable.

To repair a damaged installation

1.     Run the MonarchAutomatorInstaller.exe file from your installation media, or use the Add/Remove Programs feature in the system’s Control Panel. The Monarch Server Installation Wizard appears with program maintenance options.

2.     Click Repair. The following dialog box appears, showing the installation progress.

3.     When the repair is complete, the corresponding message will appear.

4.     Click Finish to exit the Installation Wizard.