Altair® Monarch® Server


Distributable and Non-distributable Components

Monarch Server System is a distributable system. This means that different components of the system can be installed on different machines within a network. There are two types of components: distributable and non-distributable.

Each of the non-distributable components can be installed only once per Monarch Server system.

Distributable components can be installed several times on different computers to form a desired configuration of the Monarch Server system that is tailored to your requirements.

The system consists of five main components:

q  Configuration Service

q  Agent Service

q  Services

q  Web Applications (Admin, Client, and RMSClient)

q  Repository

The Configuration Service is a non-distributable component. Install only one instance of the Configuration Service per sold copy.

The Agent Service is a distributable component. It should be installed on every server used for MS installation. All instances of Agent Service use one Configuration Service.

The Agent Service launches the following services:

q  Datawatch.Config.ConfigServer.exe

q  Datawatch.ModulesManagement.Agent.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.AdminServicesHost.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.ClientServicesHost.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.FilingDispatcherServiceHost.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.MaintenanceDispatcherServiceHost.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.NotificationsDispatcherServiceHost.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.VolumeServicesHost.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.DataPumpDispatcherServiceHost

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.DataPumpServicesHost

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.DataPumpStorageServicesHost

q  Datawatch.ModulesManagement.Agent.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.RMSClientServicesHost.exe

q  Datawatch.RemoteServices.RMSContentServiceHost.exe

These services can run on different servers.

The Web Applications is a distributable component. It can be installed several times on different computers according to the number of instances.

The Repository is a distributable component. It can be installed on different computers. In most cases, only one instance of Repository should be installed.