Creating Calculated Fields


Creates a new column based on a calculation.


  1. Right+Click on a column and select Create Calculated Field... from the context menu. The Create Calculated Field dialog displays:

  1. Enter the new column name.

  2. Define the expression for calculating the new field value:

  • Select fields, operators, functions, and operators from the lists above the expression builder.

  • If you are new to expressions, read this page to help you

  • Refer to Functions Reference for a list and description of all functions you can use within an expression.


In this example, the first column (Amount) is the original column. Discount is a calculated field that shows the 10% discount value. It uses the following simple formula: Amount * .10:

Other expressions can look like this:

    • If(Customer="Ace Resellers",Unit_price*.55, Unit_price*.65)

    • FiscalWeek([Ship Date])

    • Replace(Contact,"Smith","Smith-Jones")