Altair® Monarch®


Connector Dialog for CDH Hive

Enter values into the dialog box to connect and fetch data from your Cloudera CDH Hive data source.




Host Name

The name of the machine or domain containing the data source. This host must be accessible from the box where Monarch Data Prep Studio is installed.


Port Number required to access the data source. A list of default connector ports is available here.

User ID

A valid User ID required to log-on to the data source.


A valid Password required to log-on to the data source. This password must match the User ID above.

Hive Server Type

Select the server type from this list. You can select Autodetect or select the server type manually.

Other Connection Options

Connection options required to connect to the data source.

If you need multiple string connection options, separate these by a semi-colon. However, you can only enter up to a maximum of 512  characters into this text box.


The name of the database which you want to connect.

You need to click Fetch Databases to select and then make existing databases available on the database drop-down list.

Tables and Views Section


Allows you to load, and then select, the tables from your database by manually selecting from a list.

To load tables and views via search and select:

  1. Select the Tables and Views tab.

  2. Click Load Tables to load a list of predefined tables or views.
    This list can be filtered by entering an appropriate string in the Search Tables search box.

  1. Select a table.
    The columns in the table are displayed in the Available Column list.

  1. If you wish to add a duplicate column, select this column from the drop-down list provided.

  2. Select the columns to add to your data table.
    If the data returned is to be aggregated, check the Aggregate check box. The following aggregation methods are possible:

  • Text Columns: Group By

  • Date Columns: Count, Min, Max, Group By

  • Numeric Columns: Sum, Count, Min, Max, Group By.

To load tables and views using an SQL Query, select the Query tab.


Allows you to load, and then select, the tables from your database by entering a SQL Statement.

Enter the complete SQL Statement to select the tables and columns.

If you selected Tables and Views, this box is updated to show the corresponding  SELECT * FROM TABLE query.

Preview Data

Click to fetch data using the credentials and criteria you have specified. 10 records are displayed to allow you to verify that you are selecting the correct data.