Altair SmartWorks Analytics


Task Viewer

SmartWorks Analytics allows you to view a list of tasks running in the application, back end processes, and errors according to name, task type, status, start time, end/last updated time, and duration.

Accessing the Task Viewer

The Task Viewer window displays when you click the Task Viewer icon on the main menu.


Filtering Tasks

You can filter tasks by:

  • Type (Any type, Mutation, Query, Subscription)


  • Status (All statuses, Running, Failed, Not responding)


  • Start time (Any start time, Last minute, Last 10 minutes, Last hour)


  • Duration (Any duration, More than 1 min, More than 10 min, More than 30 min, More than 1 hour)


These filters may be used in combination to refine the tasks to display in the Task Viewer.

Note that data in the Task Viewer with a status of “Failed” or “Not Responding” are saved and will continue to display when the page or browser is closed or refreshed. Data with a status of “Running” status are deleted from the Task Viewer when the task is completed successfully. Query and Mutation tasks with a status of “Not Responding” display only if the request has run for too long without completing.

Sorting Tasks

You can sort and view task-related details, such as Task Name, Task Type, Status, Start time, End/Last Updated Time, and Duration, by clicking on the sorting icons located to the right of the selected detail.


Searching for Tasks

You can search for tasks according to name by typing a search string into the Search box provided in the window.


Clearing Data

Records of tasks with a status of "Failed" or "Not responding" can be deleted by clicking on the Clear icon.

Copying Data

Data of TraceID or Entire Record can be copied by clicking on the appropriate link.


This functionality may be useful if, for example, your tasks result in a status of Not Responding or Failed and you wish to contact Altair Support for assistance.