Altair SmartWorks Analytics


Known Limitations/Issues

Creating New Sessions

  • Once a session has been created, you may need to wait ~1 minute for all of the jars to be distributed to the cluster nodes prior to usage in a workflow. Otherwise, the following error may display in the Node Viewer or when you attempt to run the node:

  • {"graphQLErrors":[{"message":"Unexpected error value: { message: \"Did not observe any item or terminal signal within 30000ms in 'map' (and no fallback has been configured)\", locations: [[Object]], path: [\"getRawPreview\"], extensions: { type: \"GENERAL\", code: \"UNEXPECTED_ERROR\", message: \"Did not observe any item or terminal signal within 30000ms in 'map' (and no fallback has been configured)\", traceId: null, requestId: null, details: [Object] }



  • Column names may include all alphanumeric (i.e., A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and some special characters (e.g., - _ | \ / @ & *). Whether a special character is valid for a column name is engine-dependent.

  • Valid special characters for Apache Spark: ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { [ } ] | : ; < > ? . /

  • Valid special characters for Pandas: ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = [ ] | : ; < > ? . /

  • The characters ` (back tick), ' (single quote), " (double quotes), and \ (backslash) are similarly invalid characters for Apache Spark and Pandas. In addition, { } (curly brackets) are invalid for Pandas.

  • If the column name includes an invalid character, the Apply button is disabled.

Text Imports in Apache Spark

  • The data preview will not load if a column has integer values of 13 digits.

Filtering Columns In Apache Spark

  • When the columns of tables opened using the Apache Spark engine are filtered using the value =, some filter elements may not display in the Values field if these elements are not included in the rows selected for the data preview table. You can continue setting up your Filter node by manually typing in the filter element(s) you wish to apply in the Values field and then saving and running the node configuration. The resulting Data Frame node will display the correctly filtered table.

Viewing Folders In Remote DeskTop Sessions

  • Empty folders as well as folders that do not contain data files in the SmartWorks Analytics Library do not display in the D:/ drive during a remote desktop session. You can work around this issue by creating new folders in the Windows virtual machine (Altair Desktop Engine) that you intend to fill during your remote session.

Configuration Errors in the Node Viewer

  • When an invalid configuration in any of the Node Viewers is saved, an error message displays. This message persists until a valid configuration is provided and the “Save” button is clicked once more to save the updated settings.