Altair Knowledge Works™


Introduction to Altair Knowledge Works

Responsible, Interpretable, Flexible Machine Learning, and AI

The diversity of open source options for data analytics continues to increase, making it confusing for data analytic leaders and data scientists to know what technology path to take. Adding to this problem is that, today, an organization’s analytics intellectual property is locked up in code tied to specific architectures.

Altair Knowledge Works (Knowledge Works) future-proofs your analytic investments with an ease of use experience that does not sacrifice flexibility when it comes to transforming data and building and deploying models. Knowledge Works allows parts of workflows from one engine to be reused in another, removing barriers encountered as technology components become obsolete.

Knowledge Works is a cloud-ready low-code application that enables data scientists and business analysts to build and operationalize data analytics applications. Combining decades of experience in data preparation, machine learning and visualization with one unified interface, Knowledge Works scales as data sizes grow, new open-source features and functionalities are developed, and user profiles become more sophisticated.


Users of Knowledge Works can:

  • Easily build entire analytical applications using a no-code interface without needing to resort to other tools

  • Automate data preparation and machine learning tasks such as model building and deployment, and be able to confidently explain model results with Explainable AI

  • Augment new analytics into existing applications used for decision support, leveraging previous investments

  • Connect to data sources and execution environments, no matter where or what they are

  • Control enterprise lineage, audit, security, and governance