View Normal Modes Results

Use the Analysis Explorer to view normal modes results.

Run an analysis with normal modes selected.
  1. Click Show Analysis Results on the Analyze icon.

  2. Select the run you want to view in the Analysis Explorer.
  3. Select Normal Modes for the Load Case.

  4. Select a Mode. The displacement for that mode is displayed in the modeling window.

  5. Select whether to view Displacement or Strain Energy Density results.

    • Normal modes can be analyzed with or without supports. If no supports are selected in the Run Analysis window, the first six rigid body modes are not shown in the results.
    • To change the upper or lower bound for the results slider, click the bound and enter a new value.
    • To filter the results so that areas on the model with displacement greater than a specified value are masked, click and drag the arrow on the results slider.