Compiler Support for HyperWorks 2021

  1. On Windows: Visual Studio VS 2019 v16.1.3
  2. On Linux: GCC 8.3.1
Check system requirements for Linux package details
  • HyperWorks 2021 may install and run on other non-supported Linux distributions but Altair does not test, certify, verify or warrant the reliability of the products on these platforms.
    • Altair products are tested on Gnome Desktop Manager (GDM).
    • Xen kernels are currently not supported kernels for Altair HyperWorks™.
    • VirtualGL and other third-party remote visualization tools are not officially supported by Altair HyperWorks™.
Ultra High Definition (UHD) Support
  • Ultra HD resolution support (2160p) is only available on Windows 10 (version 1709 or higher).
    • Using Windows 200% scaling for 2160p is recommended.
  • Windows 7 is not officially supported under Ultra HD settings.
  • Our recommended HD setting is 1080p for FHD and our Ultra HD setting is 2160p.
  • Java based tools within our products may still show some scaling issues under Ultra HD resolution.