RD-T: 3160 Multi-Domain Analysis Setup

The objective of this tutorial is to show how to use the Multi-Domain technique.

The model used is a low speed pole impact on a bumper system. Note that the model is finely meshed (average mesh size = 2mm) in the region of the pole impact and coarsely meshed (average mesh size = 10mm) elsewhere.

図 1.

In order to run this analysis using Multi-Domain technique, we have to split this model into two domains, one containing the finely meshed region and the other containing the rest. A node to node link (/LINK/TYPE4) is then specified at the boundary between the two domains.

These domains will be created using a pre-processor (using HyperCrash in this tutorial) and the options specific to Multi-Domain analysis will be added to the input decks through a text editor. A Multi-Domain main input file will also be created using a text editor.