Starter Subroutine LECMUSERnn

This subroutine reads the user law input data.

The first seven material cards (see Radioss Starter Input Manual 3.1 to 4.1) are read before this subroutine is called.

The numbers and formats of specific material cards are free.


The argument list of LECMUSERnn is:


Argument Format Description
IIN Integer read only scalar Input file unit (ROOTD00, ROOT_nnnn.rad) on which the data are read.
IOUT Integer read only format Output file unit (ROOT_nnnn.lis).
UPARAM Float array Array with a size NUPARAM used to store failure material data.
MAXUPARAM Integer read only scalar Maximum possible size of UPARAM.
NUPARAM Integer scalar Effective size of UPARAM. (MAXUPARAM, NUPARAM, MAXUPARAM are set to 1000).
NUVAR Integer scalar Number of extra variables needed for each integration point of each elements.
IFUNC Integer array Array with a size of NFUNC containing the list of Radioss functions used in failure model. The function numbers are stored in this array (not in UPARAM), due to a possible renumbering of the function’s numbers.
MAXFUNC Integer read only scalar Maximum possible size of IFUNC.
NFUNC Integer scalar Number of Radioss functions.
STIFINT Float scalar Modulus needed to compute the interface stiffness. The Young’s or bulk modulus is used to define the value, which estimates the time step.
USERBUF Data structure read write Defined in LAW_USER.mod. This module is used inside LECMUSERnn.
This USERBUF data structure contains:
Argument Format Description
NAME Character array read only Array of size 100 containing material name.
ID Integer read only scalar Material ID defined in Starter input deck.