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Tube Extrusion Wizard

Tube Extrusion Wizard

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Tube Extrusion Wizard

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Seamless tubes are manufactured by several techniques such as rotary piercing, rolling, extrusion, etc. The overall economy of the selected process is determined by many factors such as size, tolerance, specified strength levels, material to be deformed and the quantities required.

The extrusion method is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of sizes, materials and reductions compared to the other processes. It is a bulk metal forming process extensively used for manufacturing long, straight hollow products of constant cross-section. In this process, tubes are manufactured by forcing a hollow billet through an annular gap formed by the die opening and the mandrel. The mandrel is generally connected to the ram and moves with ram velocity.

HyperXtrude allows users to perform tube extrusion analysis to examine the effect of process variables on various extrusion parameters such as extrusion pressure, die pressure, mandrel pressure, strain rate distribution and strain distribution. The process variables considered are the extrusion ratios, coefficient of friction, mandrel radius, die length and material properties.

Types of models supported by HyperXtrude

Profile types: HyperXtrude supports following types of profiles in the Tube Extrusion Wizard:


Die Types


Extrusion type

-Extruding tube/pipe with coating material e.g. copper