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To split a row of hexahedral elements

To split a row of hexahedral elements

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To split a row of hexahedral elements

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1.Select the hexa elements subpanel.
2.Select the representative hexa element you want to split.


3.Select N1 and N2.
4.Select opposing corner nodes on the face of the hexa element to indicate how to split the element.


5.Click the switch and select how you want the element to be split (into two pentas, three hexas, etc.).
6.Click preview.

The hexa elements that will be affected by the split command are highlighted.


7.Click split.




Click reject immediately after splitting elements.



When you split a row of hexa elements, the preview function is available so you can see exactly which elements will change.  A row is defined by a hexa element and two nodes diagonally across a face of that element.  The split pattern is applied to that element and propagated through to the next element beyond it, continuing until a free face or a penta is encountered.  Elements in the same row that are located before the selected element are not altered.

When you split elements whose nodes are associated to a surface, the new nodes created are also on the surface.  To associate a node to a surface, use the Node Edit panel.

All split operators work on both first and second order elements.