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skin subpanel (Surfaces panel)

skin subpanel (Surfaces panel)

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skin subpanel (Surfaces panel)

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This subpanel creates a surface by skinning across lines.  At least two input lines are required.  Three or more input lines will fit a surface across all of the input lines, with the first and the last input lines defining the surface ends.


Two inputs are required to create a surface using this method:

The line list defining the lines to use as input.  The lines used to create the skin surface are automatically smoothed before the surface is created.  As a result, the surface is created with a single face.
The auto reverse option prevents "bow tie" surfaces from being generated.  The lines used to create the surface can be ordered in different directions.  This results in a surface that crosses itself, resembling a bow tie.  Enabling this option ensures that surfaces are generated with a similar order on each side.


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Create surfaces by skinning lines



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