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Set Editor

Set Editor

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Set Editor

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HyperXtrude by default creates element sets that group together elements with similar materials or boundary conditions. You can also create sets of elements that are within a bounding box (see next section). The Element Set option on the Editors menu permits the creation of a new set of elements through the manipulation of existing sets. For a given pair of sets the following operations are available:


Set1 U Set2


Set1 Set2


Set1 - Set2

Symmetric Difference

Set1 Set2


~ Set2


The Complement option operates only on one set Set1 - Set2. The Sets Editor panel prompts you for the following data:




Displays existing element sets which may be used with boolean operations. Each time a new set is created, the new set name is added to this list. To select a set, highlight the desired set using the left mouse button.


Removes the selected set from the set list. Once a set is removed, no future operations with this set are permitted, and you cannot add the set to the sets list. This option is useful when creating intermediate sets.


Displays information about the selected set in the Messages field.


Displays information related to set operations, such as warnings, information, etc.

Choose operation

Shows the five valid operation icons. Selecting an icon updates the active operation icon below located between the Select Set1 and Select Set2 buttons.

Select Set1

Recognizes the selected set as Set1.

Operation Icon

Displays the operation to be performed on sets Set1 and Set2. Selecting this icon prompts a definition of the current operation in the message box.

Select Set2

Recognizes the selected set as Set2.

Set Name

A character string used to identify the new set. This name appears in the Mesh Editor panel and in the Sets selection portion of the Sets Editor and Set Selector panels. A default name is provided which can be used or modified.


Creates the new set.


Exits the panel.



The Sets Editor panel


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