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Layered Tetra Mesh

Layered Tetra Mesh

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Layered Tetra Mesh

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The Layered Tet Mesh submenu contains the following macros:


Define Boundary Areas:

Create Comps

Shortcut to the Components panel.

Surface Mesh

Shortcut to the Automesh panel.


Shortcut to the Normals panel.

Organize Faces

Shortcut to the Organize panel.

Def. BL Thickness

Opens the Generate Boundary Layer distributed thickness values dialog, where you can generate boundary layer thickness for components with 2D mesh.

Create Layered Tet Mesh:

Tet Mesh

Shortcut to the Tetramesh panel.

Split Prism to Tets

Allows you to split all prisms (5-noded pyramids) to tetras

Split BC Tets

Allows to you split tetra elements on the boundary so that no element shares more than one face on the boundary



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