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Import Error Messages

Import Error Messages

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Import Error Messages

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When an external input translator is used to import data, HyperForm creates a file for messages in the directory in which the program was started.  This file is named translator.msg, where translator is the name of the translation program being used.  This file contains errors, warnings and useful information about the import process.

HyperForm translators also create a second file that contains extra data from the file being imported. This file is named importfile.hmx, where importfile is the name of the file being imported into HyperForm.  This extra data could contain FEA data and keywords not supported by HyperForm and/or generic comments about the data.

If the Display Import Errors checkbox is selected on the Import tab, any error messages will display in the Import Process Messages dialog. From this window you can choose to display the .hmx file, save the message file or delete the message file. Clicking Close will close the dialog, but will not remove the message file from your directory.



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