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Position Panel

Position Panel

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Position Panel

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Die Module

Use the Position panel to specify a new position for model entities.

Changing position is accomplished by picking six nodes that define a transformation for the selected entities: three nodes represent the entities’ starting position, and three corresponding nodes define the selected entities’ ending position.  The transformation (consisting of translations and rotations) that maps the differences between the two sets of nodes is applied to the selected entities until they are relocated.

Entities are positioned in space by first translating N1 of the first group of nodes to N1 of the second group.  Next, the entities are rotated around N1 until the two selected N2 nodes are aligned along the same vector (using N1 as the vector’s origin).  Finally, the entities are rotated around the (N1, N2) axis until the two N3 nodes are in the same plane.

Note:When positioning a component, all of the geometry (lines, surfaces, and points) and elements (nodes) contained within the component are also repositioned.


Subpanels and Inputs

There are no subpanels on the Position panel. All inputs and command buttons are located on the main panel.


Panel Input



entity selector

Used to select entities for repositioning. Valid entity types include nodes, elements, components, lines, solids, surfaces, and points.


Use this plane collector to select three nodes that define the entities’ starting position.


Use this plane collector to select three nodes that define the entities’ final position.  These nodes (in conjunction with the from: nodes) define the transformation that will be applied to the selected entities.


Command Buttons




Calculates the translations and rotations necessary to map the from: nodes to the to: nodes, and then applies these translations and rotations to the selected entities.


Undoes the transformation and returns the selected entities to their original positions.


Finalizes the transformation and exits the Position panel.



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