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Delete Panel

Delete Panel

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Delete Panel

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User Profiles:




Die Module

Use the Delete panel to delete data from a model database, preview and delete empty collectors, and preview and delete unused property collectors, material collectors, or curves. You can also delete an entire model database, if you wish to start with a clean database.


Panel Usage

Empty Entities

The following entities can be empty:

component collectors
load collectors
system collectors
vector collectors
output blocks
load steps
beam section collectors
control volumes for Altair OptiStruct


Unused Entities

The following entities can be unused:



Any curve that is used only by a plot is considered to be unused.  A curve is considered to be used if it is attached to something, such as a load or material.


Entity-Specific Options

If choose surfs, you can also choose to delete any solids and/or elements associated with the surfaces. When deleting associated solids  edges will be removed where the deleted surface was connected, if possible, regardless of whether there was a solid or not.

If you choose connectors, you can also choose whether to delete only the connectors, or the connectors and their realized FE.

If you choose solids, you can also choose to delete any bounding surfaces and/or elements associated with the solids.


Subpanels and Inputs

There are no subpanels on the Delete panel. All inputs and command buttons are located on the main panel.


Panel Inputs



entity selector

Use this button to select the entity to delete.

When you select elems, click the switch to change the selection mode.


Select individual elements, or select all of the elements contained by a component or on a surface.



Select all of the elements on 2D and 3D faces.

If there are discontinuities on a 2D face, then only the elements inbetween the discontinuities will be selected.


2D faces ext

Select all of the elements on a 2D face that contain discontinuities.


face angle / individual selection

Face angle

The face angle is the angle between the normal of facets that share an element edge. A facet can either be a shell element itself, or one of the faces of a solid element. The normal of triangular facets is that of the plane defined three corner vertices. Whereas, the normal of quadrilateral facets is calculated by taking the cross-product between its two diagonals. This special treatment for quadrilaterals is because a warped shape does not lie completely on a plane.

Only available when the entity selector is set to elems and the selection mode is set to faces or 2d faces ext.


Individual Selection

Select individual elements on a face or select individual free/shared edges of elements.

Only available when the entity selector is set to elems and the selection mode is set to faces.


Command Buttons

The following action buttons appear:



delete entity

Deletes the selected entity.


Rejects the selection; nothing is deleted.

delete model

Deletes the entire model regardless of the current selection.

preview empty

Displays any empty collectors.

preview unused

Displays unused collectors.


Exits the panel.


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