Class ModalForce()

ModalForce(parent='MODEL', name='ModalForce_n', label='ModalForce_n', 
active=True, b1=None, b2=None, load_selected=0, usr_type='SCALE', user=False)

A disturbed force on a flexible body that exists in the modal form in the flexible body H3D.

Keyword Arguments

Argument Data Type Description Default
name String The variable name. ModalForce_n, for next available integer n.
label String The descriptive label. ModalForce_n, for next available integer n.
parent Object The parent. MODEL
active Boolean Used to activate or deactivate this entity. True
b1 Body The flex body the distributed force is to be applied. None
b2 Body The rigid body on which the reaction force acts on, when type is action reaction. Applicable only for ADAMS solvermode. None
itype Enum The type of ModalForce. One of ACTION or REACTION. REACTION type of force is applicable only when solvermode is ADAMS. ACTION
load_selected Int The selected load case as available in the flexible body H3D. 0
usr_type Enum One of SCALE or FORCE. Applicable when using user defined properties. SCALE
user Bool Use user defined properties, if true. False
usr_sub Function The expression passed to the user dll. When using solver expressions, Templex syntax (within ``) is used and all variables are enclosed in braces {} and the rest is treated as literal. 'USER()'
local_funcname String The function/subroutine name. 'MOTSUB'
use_local_dll Bool Uses a local function instead of default if True. False
local_dll File The path of the local dll which has the local_funcname. ''
local_func_type Enum The type of the user subroutine. one of DLL, PYTHON or MATLAB. 'DLL'


scale (Nonlinear) : The scale applied for the force. Defaults to :.

Readonly Properties

loadlist (Any) : The list contains the load case id as available in the flexible body H3D. Load case ID generally matches with the ID specified in the finite element deck (.fem in case of OptiStruct) that was used to generate the flexible body. Defaults to None.


Create and modify attributes of a ModalForce.
   >>> # Import mview module
   >>> from hw import mview
   >>> mf = mview.ModalForce()
   >>> m.itype
   >>> bf1 = mview.Body(name="bflex_1, "useflex=True)
   >>> bf1.flex.MotionSolve.graphic_file = r"C:/Altair/mv_hv_hg/mbd_modeling/flexbodies/modalforce/gra_forecanard.h3d"
   >>> mf.b1 = bf1