Define the Blank Type and Material

Identify the blank type in your model as single or tailor-welded, and assign a material to the blank.

  1. From the Tryout ribbon, click the Blank icon.
  2. On the guide bar, choose a blank type:
    • Choose Single Blank if the blank consists of one part, material and thickness.
    • Choose Tailor Welded Blank if the blank consists of multiple parts, materials and thicknesses.
  3. If you chose Single Blank, on the model, select the blank.
  4. If you chose Tailor Welded Blank, on the model, select all of the parts of the blank.
  5. Click to confirm the selection(s).
  6. In the microdialog, enter a thickness and material for the blank.
    1. To edit the material or select a different material, click the Material Library button.
    2. For a tailor-welded blank, define the material properties for each part of the blank by right-clicking and selecting from the context menu.
    3. Click to confirm the blank thickness and material selection, or in the guide bar, click Apply.
    The defined blank turns gray as indicated in the legend.