Viewing the Results

View and post-process the results in POSTFEKO.

View the computed scattering width as a function of the bistatic observation angle (ϕ) for a cylinder radius of r=0.1 and r=0.6.
  1. The scattering width is obtained by using the equation at the top of the example with the values provided to simplify to
    (1) S W = 2 π 500 E 2 .
  2. To use the equation in POSTFEKO, ensure the magnitude of the electric field is displayed.
  3. Select the Enable maths check box and enter the following:

Figure 1. The scattering width of an infinite cylinder, modelled with r=0.1 and r=0.6 where r is the radius of the cylinder.
Compare the results with the literature reference (C. A. Balanis, Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics, Wiley, 1989, pp. 607.). The results agree well with the literature reference.