Setting up state chart variables

The Data Browser tab for the State Chart Properties dialog box lists the current variables and variable attributes for the state chart. You can add and delete variables, and update their attributes through this window.

To add and delete variables

There are several ways to add and delete variables.

      In the Data Browser window, use the following buttons:



Add Variable button

Adds a variable


Deletes the selected variables

      To add input and output variables, use the Add Connector button toolbar button.

state chart blk with 2 inputs and Add Connector

      To delete input and output variables, use the Delete Connector button toolbar button.

To edit variables

      In the Data Browser window, double-click over the attribute to be changed.

      For Type, Scope, and Pin, a drop-down menu appears in which to choose an attribute value.

      For Name, Default Value, and Comment, a box surrounds the variable attribute indicating Edit mode. Enter the new attribute value and press ENTER.