Selecting blocks

You can select a single block, group of blocks, or all blocks. When you select a compound block, all encapsulated blocks are implicitly selected.

To select a single block

1.    Point to the block.

2.    Hold down SHIFT or CTRL and click.

To select all blocks

      Choose Edit > Select All (CTRL+A).

To perform an area select

A quick way to select one or more blocks is to use area select, which lets you draw a bounding box around the blocks you want to select. If any part of a block is contained in the bounding box, it is automatically selected.

1.    Point to one corner of the area you want to select.

2.    Press and drag the pointer until the shimmering box encloses all the blocks you want selected.

3.    Release the button.

To toggle block selection

This action automatically selects all unselected blocks at the current level, and unselects all selected blocks at the current level.

1.    Point to empty screen space.

2.    Hold down the SHIFT key and click.

To unselect blocks

1.    Point to the selected block.

2.    Hold down SHIFT or CTRL and click.

When blocks are unselected, they are returned to a normal video display.