NI-DAQmx Analog Out

Block Category: Real Time

The NI-DAQmx Analog Out block lets you generate current or voltage.

Refer to the National Instruments NI-DAQmx C Reference Help file for detailed descriptions of these options, under NI-DAQmx C Functions > Channel Configuration/Creation > Create Analog Output Channels.


Block Name: Indicates the name that will appear on the block. When nothing is specified, the block name is “Digital-Device-Name.”

Channel: Indicates the name of the physical channel.

Device #: Indicates the device number.

Last Error: Indicates the last error.

Maximum Value: Indicates the maximum value you expect to measure.

Minimum Value: Indicates the minimum value you expect to measure.

NI-DAQmx Version: Indicates the NI-DAQmx version.

Type: Indicates whether you want to generate current or voltage.