Hall Sensor


Category: Sensors

The Hall Sensor block is a Hall sensor triad with commutation and direction sensing logic.

The Hall Sensor block models three digital output (ON/OFF) Hall sensors arranged in a circular pattern 120o apart for sensing the rotational position and direction of the rotor shaft in a DC permanent magnet synchronous motor (brushless motor). The following table summarizes this relationship:

angle/phase   a     b     c

0-60deg          1     0     0

60-120            1     1     0

120-180          0     1     0

180-240          0     1     1

240-300          0     0     1

300-360          1     0     1

Direction is resolved by discriminating sequencing between phases.

Hall Switching Hysteresis: Sets the Hall device switching hysteresis characteristics. Units are in radians.


Diagram name: Hall Sensor

Location: Examples > eMotor > Sensor

The simulation on the following page shows a speed control loop for a DC brushless motor using the Hall sensor triad for electronic commutation.