QEP Speed

Embedded Category: C2407, F280x

Block Category: TI 16-bit DMC, TI 32-bit DMC

Block Inputs

      QE: fractional value of position between zero and one. The current quadrature encoder count is multiplied by the inverse of the maximum counts per revolution resulting in a value between zero and one.

      Dir: 1 = forward direction, -1 = backward

Block Output

      Wr: fraction of maximum speed (“Base Electrical Frequency”)

Operating Mode Availability

      Simulation mode: YES

      C code generation mode: YES

The QEP Speed block determines the rotational speed based on modulo-encoder tick counts.

Base Electrical Frequency: Indicates the maximum rotational speed of the electrical field between poles.

Control Sampling Rate: Indicates sampling rate of the control running on the target.

Low Pass Cutoff: A low-pass filter is applied to the successive differencing used to determine speed from successive QEP measurements. Speed changes above the cut-off frequency will be attenuated.