Inner Loop Timers

The vovserver tracks how the time is spent in the inner loop. The statistics are accumulated over multiple loops and are rotated every 10 seconds, so what you normally see in the stats is the overall time spent in the past 10 to 20 seconds.

If you are ADMIN, you can check the timers with vovshow:
% vovshow -innerlooptimers
                     PHASE  TGT    ACTUAL  TIME(ms)      MAX(ms)
INNER_LOOP_TIMER      idle    0    22.91   2931.476      0.032
INNER_LOOP_TIMER      poll    0     2.84    362.885      0.001
INNER_LOOP_TIMER      misc    0     0.09     11.580      0.000
INNER_LOOP_TIMER     tasks   20     1.42    181.897      0.010
INNER_LOOP_TIMER     sched   20     0.38     49.108      0.001
INNER_LOOP_TIMER      work    0    48.04   6146.102      0.222
INNER_LOOP_TIMER      http    0     0.01      0.961      0.000
INNER_LOOP_TIMER fairshare    0     0.00      0.601      0.000
INNER_LOOP_TIMER   preempt    0     0.00      0.004      0.000
INNER_LOOP_TIMER    notify   35    24.31   3110.120      0.168
INNER_LOOP_TIMER     total    0   100.00  12794.734      0.000

Here is a brief explanation of the timers in the inner loop:

Timer Name Description
idle Time spent waiting for clients. In the code, this is the time spent in poll(), epoll_wait(), or select(). If the vovserver spends a lot of time in "wait" then there should be no performance issue at all.
poll Time spent preparing the poll-array or choosing the next client to service.
misc Time spent miscellaneous activities.
tasks Time spent in server-initiated tasks, such as checking smart sets and removing expired sets. This activity is controlled by the parameter tasksMaxEffort.
sched Time spent dispatching jobs from buckets to taskers. This activity is controlled by the parameter schedMaxEffort.
notify Time spent sending events to clients and saving events to the journal and to the crash recovery file. This activity is controlled by the parameter notifyMaxEffort.
fairshare Time spent updating FairShare statistics
work Time spent servicing clients (except HTTP clients)
http Time spent servicing HTTP clients
total Total time spent in inner loop