Change the Server Host

To change the host of a project, the vovserver must be stopped and the host references fixed in the following files:
  • The setup.tcl file in the server working directory
  • The registry entry (normally located in $VOVDIR/local/registry/user/)
  • For Accelerator only, the queue-specific configuration file in the NC_CONFIG_DIR directory (usually $VOVDIR/local/vncConfig)
  1. Change to the server working directory.
    1. If the server is still running:
      % cd `vovserverdir`
    2. If the server is not running, find the directory:
      % vovproject list -l | grep projectName
  2. If necessary, shut down the server as shown below.
    % vovproject stop projectName
  3. In the server working directory, edit the setup.tcl file and change the value on the line that sets the environment variable VOV_HOST_NAME.
  4. Log onto the new host.
  5. Restart the project on the new host:
    % vovproject start projectName
  6. Clean up the registry. In the directory $VOVDIR/local/registry/user/, locate the file projectName@oldHostName which can be safely removed. There is another registry entry projectName@newHostName which can be kept.
For more information about the registry, refer to VOV Registry.