vovresourcemgr is a utility for managing VOV resource maps. It may be used to create, modify, forget, and reserve resource maps.

The vovresourcemgr utility command connects to and acts on the VOV project enabled in the shell where it is launched. To act on Accelerator, use vovproject enable vnc, or precede it with nc cmd as shown in the examples below.

vovresourcemgr: Usage Message
    % vovresourcemgr COMMAND  [options]
  COMMAND is one of:
     show              Show summary info about all resource maps
     show    [R1..RN]  Show info about specified resource map(s)
     matches RESMAP    Show license matching info
     ooq     RESMAP    Show out of queue license handles
     create  RESMAP map-options
                       Create a new resource map
     set     RESMAP map-options
                       Create a new or modify an existing resource map 
                       Place a reservation on a resource map
     forget  [-force] R1 [R2..RN]
                       Remove resource map(s) from the system
     -expire specify expiration (timespec) relative to now
     -max    specify quantity
     -map    specify map-to value
     -rank   specify rank when setting
     -noooq  do not track out-of-queue
     -local  specify that this is a local resource (when using vovwxd)
    % vovresourcemgr show
    % vovresourcemgr show  Limit:abc
    % vovresourcemgr matches  Limit:abc
    % vovresourcemgr create License:spice -max 8
    % vovresourcemgr set License:spice -max 10
    % vovresourcemgr set License:spice -map "Policy:spice"
    % vovresourcemgr ooq License:spice
    % vovresourcemgr reserve License:spice USER john,jane 3 3d ""
    % vovresourcemgr forget  License:spice
    % vovresourcemgr forget  -force License:spice
% vovresourcemgr show     ; # show defined resource maps
% vovresourcemgr show R   ; # show details of resource map R
% vovresourcemgr set      ; # set/create a new resource map
% vovresourcemgr reserve  ; # reserve resourcemap for user or group
% vovresourcemgr ooq      ; # show Out-Of-Queue use (for Accelerator)
% vovresourcemgr forget   ; # remove a resourcemap from vovserver

Dynamic Resource Map Configuration

Persistent resource maps are defined in the resources.tcl configuration file for a project. The vovresourcemgr command is useful to make changes to the resource maps on the fly.

Note: Unlike resource maps defined in resources.tcl, changes made with vovresourcemgr do not persist across restarts of vovserver.

The create command checks for existence of the named resource map and exits with a message if it already exists. The set command will create or replace an existing resource map with the given values with no confirmation.

The following example creates a new resource map named Limit:spice, which is created with a quantity of 10 and an empty map-to value.
Note: nc cmd shows this example is to act on Altair Accelerator.
% nc cmd vovresourcemgr set Limit:spice 10 ""

Resource Map Reservation

Following is an example of using vovresourcemgr to place a reservation on a resource map. In this case, two of the resource maps called License:spice are reserved for user john for an interval of 4 hours. The resource map reservation will automatically expire after 4 hours.
% nc cmd vovresourcemgr reserve License:spice USER john 2 4h "library char"

Workaround for Misspelled Resource

Sometimes users submit jobs to Altair Accelerator that request nonexistent resources, which causes the jobs to be queued indefinitely. Such jobs can be made to run by creating the missing resource, or by modifying the jobs to request the correct resources.

The following example creates four temporary License:sspice resources that are mapped to the correct License:spice resource. License:sspice is an incorrect request - that resource does not exist. A temporary resource is created with that name that will be mapped to the correct resource, License:spice
% nc cmd vovresourcemgr create License:sspice -max 4 "License:spice"

Forget Unneeded Resource Maps

Continuing the above example - the temporary resource map may be removed after the malformed jobs have run. Or, you can just let it expire.
Note: There is no confirmation; the command acts immediately.
% nc cmd vovresourcemgr forget License:sspice