vtk_generic_get key array

This procedure fills the given array with information based on the value of key: 

Value of key                            Retrieved Information 
project                                 project name, status, port, total nodes, taskers, ... 
fields                                  all fields 
buckets                                 the buckets in the job queue 
fairshare                               the fairshare status 
dates                                   the clock offsets of the various hosts 
resourcemaps                            the resource maps 
features                                the features (licenses) managed by this server 
hosts                                   the hosts 
filesystems                             the filesystems 
resourcelist                            the list of all resources 
retracelist                             the list of all retracing 
users                                   the list of all users 
alerts                                  the list of all alerts 
preemptrules                            the list of all preemption rules 
preemptpools                            the list of all preemption pools 
queries                                 the list of all queries 
vtk_generic_get resourcemaps resinfo
vtk_generic_get fairshare fairshareinfo

'ok' or 'error'