Regulate Access to Accelerator Plus

Like all vovservers, access to Accelerator Plus can be controlled by editing the security file wx.swd/security.tcl.

For a complete description, refer to Regulate Access To Accelerator.

Example: Restricting Accelerator Plus to a Single User

# Example of wx.swd/security.tcl file for a Private Accelerator Plus
vtk_security john     ADMIN +
After configuring the security file, Accelerator Plus must be reset to apply those the changes:
% wxmgr reset

Example: Opening up Accelerator Plus to Many Users

To make Accelerator Plus accessible by all users, assign everyone USER privileges from all hosts, as in this example:
# This is an example of the wx.swd/security.tcl file.
# The first + means "everybody"
# The second + means "from all hosts"
vtk_security john ADMIN +  
vtk_security +    USER +  
% wxmgr reset