Accelerator Plus and Accelerator

The two products are essentially the same, but serve rather different usage models.

The following table clarifies the differences between them.
Item Accelerator Accelerator Plus Comments
Manager command to start and stop ncmgr wxmgr Essentially the same command.
User command submit workload nc wx Essentially the same command.
Taskers Static set of taskers, fully managed: Each tasker monitors load and resources on its host Elastic set of taskers, determined by workload; each tasker has one slot and is available regardless of load on host
Licensing of vovserver server_nc server_wx
Licensing of vovtasker slots_nc slots_wx
Job Resources -no change- The resource expression is silently augmented to be
"Bucket:<BucketId> OR (
In Accelerator Plus, you want to allow precise routing of jobs to the taskers that have been created for that specific bucket. This is for information only. You will not see this change.
Job Placement Policy (JPP) All JPP are supported: fastest, smallest, largest, slowest, first, ... Only JPP==first is supported. The JPP of the workload is passed to NC if base scheduler is NC
Preemption Full preemption support. Fully supported but normally not used: job modulation is preferred
Blackhole Detection Supported: taskers are allowed to recover Supported: taskers are dismissed if they appear to be black-holes.
Reservations (subject to change in future releases) Only ADMIN can create reservations USER can create reservations In Accelerator Plus users are allowed to reserve taskers for specific buckets