Update Summary Table

Monitor utilizes summary tables for providing fast, high-level statistics for certain reports. The summary tables are automatically with a periodic job, via the UPDATE_SUMMARIES task by executing statistics gathering queries against the checkouts table and populating the results in the summary tables.

The ftlm_summary utility is used to update the summary tables at the CLI.


To execute ftlm_summary, first setup the CLI:

% vovproject enable licmon
After setting up the CLI, the command can be executed:

ftlm_summary: Usage Message
      Compute summary tables.
      % ftlm_summary [OPTIONS]
      -h                   -- This message.
      -v                   -- Increase verbosity.
      -start <TS>          -- Start time for checking duplicates
                              Default is one month ago.
      -end   <TS>          -- End time for checking duplicates
                              Default is 'now'.
      -full*               --
      -fullrange           -- Update all summaries in full start/finish range 
                              in database
      -auto*               -- 
      -autorange           -- Look in metadata table to find out
                              range to update (the default)
      -tag     TagList     -- May be repeated
      -glitch  <timeSpec>  -- Glitch removal control (default 20s)
      -cap     0|1         -- Cap usage at capacity (default 0)
      % ftlm_summary -tag "EDA CDN"
      % ftlm_summary -start 20090101
      % ftlm_summary -tag SNSP -full
      % ftlm_summary -auto