Recommended Monitor Hardware Setup

Depending on your system and the number of expected checkouts, your hardware setup will vary.

There are many factors; please review the following information and if you have further questions, contact customer support for a comprehensive explanation.

Resource Checkouts
100,000 1,000,000 >1,000,000
CPU (x86, e.g. Intel Xeon) Dual Core Server Class Quad Core Server Class Quad Core Server Class
Memory 1 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Disk 5 GB 50 GB 200 GB
Server Working Directory NFS or Local NFS or Local NFS or Local
Database Local Disk Local Disk Local Disk

Expected System Environment

The Altair Accelerator products are built to run on a well-conditioned network. This outline gives an overview of what is expected to be in place.
  • All participating hosts are networked.
  • The host clocks are well-synchronized (e.g. via NTP).
  • Naming services are functional and fast
    • User/Group account names and UIDs are uniform on all machines
    • Resolution of hostname works (DNS or NIS).
    • Reverse DNS lookup works (get host name from IP address).
  • There is a remote-shell capability for at least the product administrator's account to all participating machines. If not available, use the example .bat files as a guide to create a script, and place it in the appropriate directory. Example startup files are provided in $VOVDIR/etc/boot. Choose the one that best fits your scenario.
  • There are networked file systems on which to place shared files, so that they can be accessed from each machine, using a local path enabled by the NFS. The shared files include:
    • Installed Altair Accelerator software, including at least one branch that must be writable (the local directory).
    • The Server Working Directory (.swd)
    • The users' home directories.
    • Work area for each project.
  • Standard directories, binaries and libraries are available.
    • /bin/sh, or /bin/bash on Linux
    • /bin/csh, or /bin/tcsh
    • /tmp exists
    • /usr/tmp exists (not on Ubuntu by default)
    • gcc libs are installed (libstdc++, libfcc_s)