Document Organization

This manual describes the web user interface and provides instructions on common uses and best practices for users. It also provides the basic setup, installation and management practices for administrators. For both administrators and users, it functions as a getting started guide.

This document introduces the tool, its installation and its foundational applications. Since using the web interface is the most efficient way to use Monitor, this guide explains how to use the interface to manage your licenses and generate reports. It indicates when a task is specific to admin users. Much of the setup process requires admin permissions, for example. But all users should understand Monitor's system functionality and features. We recommend that both administrators and users read the introduction, the installation instruction set that applies your system, first steps to familiarize yourself with the GUI and common questions and basic uses. Then read according to your needs. This guide is organized in the following manner (click on the link to learn more):
  • Introduction: This section provides the product information, the document organization, the theory of operations, a system diagram and a description of components.
  • Installation: This section describes the system requirements and the installation steps for four different types of installations: Windows Single & Bundled and Linux Single & Bundled.
  • First Steps: After you’ve installed Monitor, this section covers what to do next. This applies both to administrators and users, who may be playing dual roles at this point.
  • Common Questions and Basic Uses: This section addresses common questions and points you to applicable instructions, as needed.
  • Using the Graphical User Interface: This section describes the seven tabs on the Monitor user interface and their usage.
  • Basic Operations and Setup (Admin Only): This section reviews general tasks for admins.
  • Troubleshooting: The section outlines common problems and provides known solutions.