No Historical Data is Being Displayed

If no historical data is being displayed, check the following items and take the recommended steps.

  1. If the installation is new, it will take at least one hour for the database to be loaded with data by default. Wait the appropriate amount of time.
  2. If viewing either the Daily Statistics or Daily Plots page under the History tab, the summarized data in these reports is built overnight, so you will not see data for the current day.

Otherise, perform the following checks:

  1. Verify that the license is visible and valid. Go to the Admin tab, and select the Licensing option.
    If your license is valid, it should display.

    Figure 1. Altair Licensing
  2. Verify that the vovdbd daemon is running. Go to the Admin tab, and select Daemons.
    1. If the page shows that vovbd is not running because it is down, then click the refresh button.

      Figure 2. Daemons Page
  3. Verify that the database is running. To do so, go to the Admin tab, and select the System > Database Information option.
  4. If it’s not running, then verify that the live_load_checkouts task script exists in the licmon.swd/tasks directory.