What is the Difference between Monitor Samples Data and Logs Data in a History Details Report?

When generating a report with Monitor, you can choose from two types of data origins: samples data or logs data. Samples data is the most exact data, and therefore, it is the default setting.

Figure 1. Data Origin

Samples data is derived from running lmstat, rlmstat, or the equivalent command for other licensing systems, against the live license server to obtain the current checkouts.

Logs data comes from parsing the debug log files from the license server. Unlike the samples data, logs data is inexact. It retrieves 1m resolution data, and does not retrieve the PIDs so it is impossible to match the OUT and IN lines to get correct checkout duration.

Only use the checkouts from logs data to get a general utilization number for time intervals when samples data is unavailable (before Monitor was started).

Note: You will only have checkout data in the logs database if you have configured that tag to extract checkouts from the log files.