Parse a Debug Log

A need may arise to manually parse a debug log to gather denial and/or utilization data. This can be helpful in debugging problems with the data obtained from the file, or with parsing the file itself.

For parsing FlexNet Publisher debug logs in particular, be sure to first review Manage Data from Different Origins. A number of caveats exist when importing debug logs. It is important to be aware of these ahead of time to set expectations, and better plan for how data will be utilized.

With FlexNet Publisher debug logs in particular, some major questions to be considered:
  • Are the debug logs static or regularly rotated?
  • Are you attempting to parse the log for checkouts as well as denials?
  • Do you need to merge checkouts from multiple origins within the same time frame?
  • Do you wish to access imported log data on the same graph/report as sampled data?
  • Do you need capacity information for checkouts loaded from debug logs?
  • Do you need to access imported data live, or just for archive purposes?


To manually parse a debug log, first setup the CLI by enabling the Monitor project:
% vovproject enable licmon
After setting up the CLI, the debug log parsing command must be executed. As of this version, the following debug log parsers are provided:

Click each link above to learn the arguments required and options supported for the command.