Monitor includes an alert system that provides visibility to anomalies that occur within the licensing environment or the Monitor product itself.

Each alert has a severity level that indicates how serious the alert should be considered. The four severity levels are:
  • INFO - For informational purposes, no cause for concern.
  • WARNING - May be of concern, but should not impact operations.
  • ERROR - Action should be taken or operations may be impacted.
  • URGENT - Action must be taken or operations will be impacted.

View Alerts

The Alerts tab shows all alerts that have been recently triggered (alerts that are over 24 hours old without a repeat occurrence are discarded). Alerts are shown with their respective severity level, the Monitor system module from which the alert was generated, the title and details of the alert, occurrence statistics, and administrative controls for deleting or acknowledging the alert:

Figure 1. Alerts Page

Administrative Controls

Alerts may be either deleted or acknowledged. Deleting an alert clears it from the system memory. If the alert reoccurs, it will reappear in the alert list. Acknowledging an alert leaves it in the system memory, but it is shown as grayed out in the alert list and it no longer counts as the highest level of alert that is present in the system. Re-occurrences are still counted and shown in the occurrence statistics for the alert.