Run vovtsd as a Service

To install a Windows service that will automatically start vovtsd upon system startup, follow these two steps:

  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the vovtsd startup directory, and install the service.
    c:> cd \<install_path>\<version>\win64\startup\vovtsd
    c:> XYNTService -i
  2. Optional: By default, this uses port 16666 for the vovtsd instance. If a different port is desired, it can be changed in the XYNTService.ini file found in this directory.
  3. Use the Windows control panel to specify the service to be executed as the intended user, as shown below:

    Figure 1. Windows Service Manager
  4. Find the Monitor service and right-click it to access its properties:

    Figure 2. Monitor Service Properties
  5. In the Log On tab, specify the user. If a user is not specified, Monitor will run as the Windows system user. This is highly discouraged for security reasons.
    The service is now ready for use and can be started using the Windows Service Manager. To delete the service, first stop it using the Windows Service Manager, then type XYNTService -u in the directory mentioned above using the Windows command prompt.