Run Tcl Scripts that Use Tcl Extensions

The command line program vovsh is a major component of Altair Accelerator products. It is the program which runs the Tcl scripts that provide various functions and commands in the Altair Accelerator products. It is rarely run directly by an end user but instead is run indirectly when the end user runs a command that is implemented by way of a Tcl script executed by vovsh.


The common use of vovsh is to execute a Tcl script which contains the Tcl extensions provided by Altair Accelerator.

usage: vovsh [-v] [-f script] [-an] [-p projectName]
                    [-s netinfo|procinfo|clockoffset] [-t script] [-Y Tcl
                    command] [-x Tcl command]
   -v:         Print version.
   -f:         Evaluate a Tcl script. Additional arguments are passed via the
               'argv' and 'argc' variables to the TCL script.  'argv0' is set
               to the name of the script.  The script can be specified in
               compact form, in which case it will be looked for in the
               directory $VOVDIR/tcl/vtcl/<script>.tcl.
   -a:         Ignore PROCS_TO_TRACK property, track all processes when -s
               procinfo is enabled.
   -n:         Do not connect to any project.
   -p:         Describe project on command line (ignored by vovsh)
   -s:         Exchange network-info | processes-info | clock-offset
               information with server.
   -t:         Same as -f, (deprecated, for backwards compatibility).
   -Y:         Same as -x, (deprecated, for backwards compatibility).
   -x:         Execute a Tcl command and exit.


% vovsh -f some/tcl/script.tcl
% vovsh -f $VOVDIR/tcl/vtcl/vsi.tcl
Another useful application of the program is the execution of simple Tcl statements with the option -x:
% vovsh -x 'puts [clock format 1289361743]'
Wed Sep 09 20:02:23 PST 2019