FlowTracer Roles

When using FlowTracer in large deployments, three main roles emerge: Administrator, Developer and User. In smaller organizations, a given person may have multiple roles, but the duties of each role still exist.

The FlowTracer Administrator will install and configure the product and help other users to access it. FlowTracer Administrator enables effective use of FlowTracer:
  • Installing FlowTracer
  • Installing needed licensing
  • Configuring FlowTracer for the whole company
  • Managing local files
  • Establishing security rules
  • Defining user roles
  • Helping users set up command line environment

A FlowTracer Developer will create and maintain the job definitions and dependency rules for different applications that form the basis for a flow that is registered with FlowTracer to manage.

FlowTracer Developers use the features that define and manage flows:
  • Makefiles
  • Tcl Scripts
  • Flow Description Language (FDL)
  • Enabling runtime tracing
    • Encapsulation
    • Instrumentation
    • Interception
  • vtk_* Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) programs that manage a flow
A FlowTracer User is the recipient of flows pre-developed by a developer. The user relies on the standardization and accuracy provided by FlowTracer to increase their productivity. Typically, they will:
  • Execute flows that have been prepared by somebody else.
  • Change input files and ask FlowTracer to run the dependent jobs that generate new outputs (this is called "retracing").
  • When using the FlowTracer console, the user watches the job nodes changing from purple to yellow to green. When the whole set of nodes is green, the full set of jobs has run and the results can be checked.
  • If a job node turns red (FAILED), the user needs to investigate the failure: is it a real failure caused by a problem in the input data, or is it caused by external causes such as disk full, missing licenses, bad machines, dependency violations, or whatever else?
  • If the jobs appear to be stuck on some status (think of "color"), the user investigate the cause.

This manual is for topics related to the usage of FlowTracer with pre-existing flows.