Store a VOV or Windows password for one or more projects.

vovauxpasswd: Usage Message
    Store a VOV or Windows password for one or more projects
    Either the VOV password or the operating system
    password may then be entered for browser authentication.
    A stored Windows password is needed for cross-platform jobs
    initiated from Unix/Linux but which run on Windows.
    You can specify a project by giving its name, or name@host
    The currently-enabled project is used if none is given.
    Tests that the VOV project's server is running,
    which it must be to set the password.
    % vovauxpasswd [options] password [project] [project2 ... projectN]
    -h    This message.
    -all  Set password for all running projects owned by this user
    -win  Store Windows password
    -vov  Store VOV password (default)
    -n    Show what would be done, but do not set passwords.
    -v    Increase verbosity
    % vovauxpasswd new-password
    % vovauxpasswd new-password vnc@jupiter
    % vovauxpasswd -win windows-password vnc@jupiter
  NOTICE: If the vovserver runs on Windows, you must run the vovauxpasswd
          command from Windows.  If you set the password from Unix,
          it will not work on Windows because of different encryption.