Check File Status

  1. The command vls can be used to check the status of files. First try it when all files are VALID.
    % vls	
    VALID	i	aa
    VALID	u	bb
    VALID	u	cc
    VALID	o	dd1
    VALID	o	dd2

    The first column shows the status of the files in the context of the flow. The second column summarizes the connectivity information for the file: "i" indicates a primary input, "o" indicates a primary output, "u" indicates files that have both inputs and outputs.

  2. Now, change aa and check again, this time using the option -l to get more information.
    % touch aa
    % vls -l
    1 00000582 i VALID aa
    3 00000013 u INVALID bb
    5 00000016 u INVALID cc
    7 00000193 o INVALID dd1
    7 00000265 o INVALID dd2

    With the -l option you can see two more columns. The first column shows the level of the node in the graph. Level 1 is at the top. The second column contains the VovId of the files, a unique identifier used in most FlowTracer operations.

  3. Use option -h or -help to get a help message.